Year: 2012

VC – End of Act One

To our readers, the first act of Valice Chronicles has ended. Next week we will have a couple special pages before Act 2 begins (next year!). Thanks for sticking around!

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VC off this Week

Meedee will be busy working on more VC pages this week while Buster shares some rotten turkey he found on the ground with the cat people. See you next week!

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Valice – Origins now in iBookstore

It’s only 2.99! Tell your friends.

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Minecraft Server Returns

We’re starting a fresh world called Eldsparse. It’s an old world that has crumbled and been rebuilt many times. Science and technology mix with an older world of magic, so the theme is sci-fi/fantasy. The plan is to mix old

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Valice Chronicles Cast/Datapedia Added

Datapedia – Will list important places, things, and connections to the Valice books. VC Cast Page – The full cast of major and minor characters of all VC stories. It is dynamic and will count the number of comics each

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Valice Chronicles Starting 7/24

VC1 will post on Tuesdays/Thursdays starting next week. To those who know the story, it will take place during the waning days of the Terra-Force Empire. If that means nothing to you, then no worries – although it takes place

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Announcing Valice Chronicles

Meedee and I aren’t ending our comic work. Valice Chronicles is a series coming soon that will tell side stories of the Valice universe, expanding its lore and characters. No knowledge of the books will be necessary as everything will

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Valice 2 “Officially” Released

While Valice 2 has actually been available for almost two months now, I haven’t yet really talked about its release. I also wasn’t finished with its web pages yet. Now they’re all done. Summary A century has passed since Vince

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