Valice 2 “Officially” Released

While Valice 2 has actually been available for almost two months now, I haven’t yet really talked about its release. I also wasn’t finished with its web pages yet. Now they’re all done.


A century has passed since Vince Naomos last aided his friends in battles against the Terra-Forces and Darkness. Now NovaQ, the largest company to ever exist, has brought him back through advanced science they hope to use to take down the fledgling GUA. By teaming up with distant family, Adago’s descendant, and new friends, Vince will learn more about his past and future in this sequel to Valice – Origins. His true destiny and the mysteries behind the floating city of Valice will begin to come to light, in a strange new world where the cat-like felile live in harmony with their creators and work together to reach the cosmos. Can humanity’s new home among the stars, the world of Centreon, be saved from NovaQ’s efforts, even as they tap into the Darkness?

As usual it’s available a paperback and ebook (pdf). The page doesn’t seem to be up yet, hoping that it will be shortly.

I hope to convert my books into true ebooks for the iBookstore and Amazon’s digital market soon.

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