Valice Chronicles #1 – Download it now!

A free PDF is now available of the comic. All of the pages have been looked over, errors have been corrected, and overall the pages are more refined than their web versions. The download size is about 66 MB and it comes in a ZIP file. The link is above for now and will be in the top menu from now on.

We are working on a new super project that will start later this year, which will have its own website. I do hope to make more Valice Chronicles in the future however, so I’m only putting the project on indefinite hold at the moment. I still have Valice stories I want told in graphic novel form!

For the latest updates on the new project (an official announcement will happen in a few days), visit

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One comment on “Valice Chronicles #1 – Download it now!
  1. obi132 says:

    Where are you guys. I don’t see anything from you. Do you have twitter, deviant art etc. I really love your work. Also what are you currently working on

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