M2: Harmony Goodies


Mother 2: Goodies

Whatever doesn’t fit in the other sections goes here, whether it’s official or fan stuff.

Comic Tutorial by Meedee

> Click here to see how Harmony is made and how to make your own comics, as well <

Awesome PSI Radio Harmony Ad by DragonKazooie89

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Another PSI Radio Harmony Ad by MPF and Toof

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Picky’s Monologue by dragle_clef

Contains spoilers for part 6 of the story.

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 > The Harmony Sprite Repository <

Desktop Wallpapers by Gekko

All sizes are 2560×1600 and will fit most monitors. Click the thumbnail to see the full size version.

Saturn Bot DU3 in Four Flavors

Saturn Bot PlainSaturn Bot Silver
Saturn Bot RedSaturn Bot Blue

PK Puppies Tracy in Four Flavors

Tracy OriginalTracy in Goth
Plain Light TracyPlain Dark Tracy

Picky in Four Flavors

Picky OriginalCommander Picky
Plain Light PickyPlain Dark Picky

Lydia in Four Flavors

Lydia's WorldLydia's World Alt. Clothing
Lydia in Plain WhiteLydia in Plain Dark

Kang in Four Flavors

Kang OriginalRoyal Kang
Kang in Plain WhiteKang in Plain Dark

Cerberus in Four Flavors

Cerberus OriginalHoly Cerberus
Cerberus in Plain WhiteCerberus in Plain Dark

Harmony Figurine Set in Four Flavors

On WoodOn Metal
In Plain WhiteIn Plain Dark

Nowhere Frolic

A Scene from the White Ship Story

Memoria Teaser

Memoria Teaser