M2: Harmony Scripts

Mother 2: Harmony Original Scripts

A lot happens in the process of turning text to illustration. Here are the original scripts. You’ll notice that there is changed/removed dialogue, and even little bits that don’t happen at all. Scripts are written in a pseudo-screenplay format.

Part One

The beginning up to heading to see Jeff with Lydia

Part Two

From Winters and Dalaam to the dumpster battle and Tracy’s headache

Part Three

From Kang in Fourside to the library, and then to the attack on the zoo when Ness arrives

Part Four

From the arrival of a strange robot, the battle, and all the way to the Cerberus engaging the team

Part Five

From the Cerberus battle up to Ness arriving for real.

Part Six

The fight with a visitor from time up until the conversation on the steps where a mysterious entity appears.

Part Seven

And all the rest.

Jacket Tale

A jerk named Scott is after Tracy and Picky has to put an end to this crisis while studying under Frank.

Harmony Halloween

The original script for the four-page mini special.

A Winters Tale

Script for the lengthy Winter special. Yee-hu-hu-hu.

The White Ship Story

The longest single segment script, for the journey of the white ship.