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No New VC Pages this week

Hopefully next week!


New Datapedia Entries

Cick here to read about the Civics Truck, Ukraine, Reiver’s Museum, Felile Origin Stories, and the world’s harsh Winters.


Small break, VC returns Sep. 10th

With the conclusion of chapter two, we will be taking a two week break to build up our page reserves.


Thursday VC Comics all Summer

That’s not a total promise, but we’ll certainly try while we also build stock to keep posting two a week for as long as possible in the future. So remember to check back one more day a week if you’re enjoying the comic.



It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, though VC has chugged along on Tuesdays for a while now. With Summer coming up, we’ll have more time for the comic, and next week we’ll be returning to a Tuesday-Thursday schedule for the time being. Until then, I’ve given substantial updates to the Cast and Datapedia pages.


Tuesday only update next week also

We’re taking it easy for a couple weeks to build up our stock of pages again, just a quick notice.


VC – End of Act One

To our readers, the first act of Valice Chronicles has ended. Next week we will have a couple special pages before Act 2 begins (next year!). Thanks for sticking around!


VC off this Week

Meedee will be busy working on more VC pages this week while Buster shares some rotten turkey he found on the ground with the cat people. See you next week!


Valice – Origins now in iBookstore

It’s only 2.99! Tell your friends.


Minecraft Server Returns

We’re starting a fresh world called Eldsparse.

It’s an old world that has crumbled and been rebuilt many times. Science and technology mix with an older world of magic, so the theme is sci-fi/fantasy. The plan is to mix old stone buildings with modern ones and everything in between. I will eventually construct a Valice structure here and possibly create further lore.

Right now this world is in its infancy. For 1-2 weeks it will be in creative mode as the main city, Eldsparse City, is being created. The current border only extends within the city’s area. We will then switch to survival mode and expand the border greatly. This is a chance to join and build the foundations of this large area. As before we have a Dynamic Map on the site, in the Minecraft section.

Address of server:

Request White Listing (just drop your name)