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Buster Bowman was a former Resistance operative in America, although he left not long after a felile joined his team. He took up mercenary work and eventually ended up in Russia, right near Moscow, the Terra-Force capital. He likes money, and when he learned that getting a trip out of the country would actually get him paid, he took the deal, no questions asked. But now finding himself mixed in with felile and being forced to protect them, he’ll have to change his attitude on how he feels about them…

Comics: 149
Recent Appearance: VC1 – Page 170
First Appearance: VC1 – Cover Page



A disciplined felile warrior and pike artist with a past he rarely shares, Pylv is dedicated to protecting what is left of the village, knowing in his heart that he could’ve saved more when it was first attacked. He and Buster don’t get along too well at first, but Pylv was never seeking to make friends with a mercenary. Despite his allegiance to the village, there is a clear disconnect between him and the others.

Comics: 90
Recent Appearance: VC1 – Page 170
First Appearance: VC1 – Cover Page



The military and political force ruling much of Earth in the early 23rd century, the Terra-Forces are an oppressive and all-seeing power that has brought the world into an economic and emotional depression under a brutal regime. They have their hands full with the Resistance movement and their efforts to wipe out the felile people, who know but struggle to prove that they have something sinister intended for its citizens.

Comics: 43
Recent Appearance: VC1 – Page 152
First Appearance: VC1 – Page 1



A young felile girl living in the nomadic village, Denae was the only child to lose both of her parents in the imperial attack on her home. She hides her sorrow well however and frequently causes trouble around the adults. She is quite tomboyish and is sometimes mistaken for a boy, even though the village only has a few children.

Comics: 29
Recent Appearance: VC1 – Page 170
First Appearance: VC1 – Cover Page



Dreaming of being one of the first felile-human ambassadors (of some kind) should he live to see the day, Reiver is a bit of the village oddball, collecting human propaganda and history books in effort to educate the young ones about their creators and help prevent any hatred for their naked-skin brethren from growing. Fear, however, is still needed to some degree in the era he grew up in, if his people are to survive. Using what little room he has in one of the trucks, he runs a small “museum” and has full authoritative control over the village’s one radio.

Comics: 16
Recent Appearance: VC1 – Page 165
First Appearance: VC1 – Page 64



The nomadic village elder, Shi-len, like all felile elders, was originally from Valice. She left to establish a village with several adults decades ago, and has watched it grow since. And like all felile elders, she used to be human. What was done to her when she was a child was beyond inhuman, but she controls the emotions that resulted for the sake of the village that needs her guidance, and now, a home. She is open to sharing the story of the felile to anyone who could possibly care about her people in even the slightest.

Comics: 14
Recent Appearance: VC1 – Page 165
First Appearance: VC1 – Page 65



A former Terra-Force officer, Hez defected and is now secretly aiding the felile – but in a bit of a backwards way. He still has some psychological problems on top of his physical ones, the felile themselves aren’t aware of his “help,” and he’s mostly in it for the money and/or to get some revenge on those he once served under. He takes little seriously now and has no real regard for those he does business with.

Comics: 5
Recent Appearance: VC1 – Page 44
First Appearance: VC1 – Page 5