City Status

Most major cities are represented in this data table, with their statuses, areas, populations, and brief descriptions. This information is provided by the Resistance.


Contains minor spoilers. To remain completely spoiler free, finish Part Nine of the book before visting this page.

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City Name Pop. Status DAM% Description Area
Boston, USA 6.5 Defaction to Resistance Light Damage Boston has become the first city on the other side of the world to show full support to the Resistance, after its citizens tore down a City Class forcefield as it was being installed. The event is known globally. North America
Chicago, USA 12.3 Coverted City Noticeable Damage Using several members of Martin Druvska’s group, Valice has now confirmed that much of Chicago, the second city to be converted and home of Seretin Inkens, is completely devoid of life. North America
Houston, USA 8.3 Good Condition (With Forcefield) Light Damage A densely populated city where skyscrapers merge seemlessly with war factories. Heavy pollution and infrequent Imperial attacks have hurt the city, but it remains mostly supported of the Empire. North America
Los Angeles, USA 20.0 Coverted City Noticeable Damage Converted recently, Los Angeles’ massive naval ports have remained active even as three forcefields cover the majority of the city. Hyper cannon attacks have obliterated much of the downtown area. North America
Mexico City, Mexico 35.3 Coverted City Crippling Damage We believe the Empire heavily attacked and then converted this massive city to feign a reason to shut down its old factory chains in the area. Freeing Mexico City is now a Resistance top priority. North America
Miami, USA 7.4 Threatened (No Forcefield) Noticeable Damage Spreading over a third of Florida’s east coast, Miami is slowly succumbing to the rising sea level. Other than the threat of water taking over the city, Miami remains in a fairly prosperous state. North America
Montreal, Canda 10.7 Coverted City Minimal Damage Montreal’s conversion is a surprise given that it is a major producers of high quality Imperial metals. The purpose of this beautiful city’s conversion may simply be to strengthen the illusion of a false war. North America
New York, USA 35.8 Coverted City Exceptional Damage The massive city of New York was the first to be converted after serious Imperial falsified attacks. Because we had no precedent, the Resistance lost key groups here, and all seems lost for the city for the time being. North America
Philadelphia, USA 6.0 Good Condition (No Forcefield) Noticeable Damage Philadelphia, a city with no forcefield, seems to have become an unlikely new frequent target of orbital bombardment. The Resistance has no presence here, so the selection seems to have been made randomly. North America
Toronto, Canada 12.5 Good Condition (With Forcefield) Minimal Damage Toronto is doing very well for a large city, hurt only by the typical afflictions plaguing most every other major city on the planet. Home of the first mile high tower, Toronto is a beacon of architectural progress. North America
London, UK 14.2 Coverted City Light Damage Although attacks on London were infrequent at best, this neutral city was recently converted, likely in effort to begin crippling the European region. Most Resistance members working here evacuated in time. Europe and Russia
Madrid, Spain 7.6 Coverted City Light Damage Suffering only light damage, Madrid was a surprise conversion, likely made to further begin the weakening of Europe. Especially shocking is that Madrid is the House of Europe. The Capoman’s status is unknown. Europe and Russia
Moscow, Russia 15.0 Good Condition (With Forcefield) No Damage The Capital of the Empire, Moscow is unsurprisingly in technical perfect condition. Though very well protected for hundreds of miles all around and a culture center, a heavy smog ominously looms over the city. Europe and Russia
Paris, France 13.8 Abandonment Moderate Damage Paris has been suffering a long term, slow recession over the past 50 years (dating far back before the war). The recent global conflic has only accelerated the process. Paris could be below 10 million within 5 years. Europe and Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia 8.0 Failing Infrastructure Near Total Devestation Recent reports indicate that the majority of St. Petersburg now lies in ruins. The Empire has been using the city, in close proximity to the Capital, as a place to exploit global fear for their false war. Europe and Russia
Bangkok, Thailand 12.3 Failing Infrastructure Extensive Damage Bangkok is in very bad shape, mostly due to bad luck. A month after the Imperial attacks here ended, a major earthquake demolished buildings in repair and nearly destroyed its ability to survive as a city. Lower Asia
Cristyl City, China 10.1 Defaction to Resistance Minimal Damage The golden city where humans live in coexistence with the felile and the core of the rebellion lies. Hampered only by pollution and overcrowding, all of China works to support this city. Formerly Beijing. Lower Asia
Delhi, India 12.6 Good Condition (With Forcefield) Light Damage Delhi has a very large low wealth population, but is in otherwise good shape. The Empire has ignored the city, focusing its efforts in Asia at regions closer to China. Delhi is often used as a Resistance safe “house”. Lower Asia
Hong Kong, China 9.0 Moderate Damage China’s ownership of Hong Kong has been in dispute for many years. It has recently been sold back to the Empire, which can unfortunately take care of the city better than we can. Levees protect the city from the sea. Lower Asia
Istanbul, Turkey 14.0 Threatened (With Forcefield) Minimal Damage Istanbul, the city which links Asia to Europe, is an imperial stronghold where many of its military academies reside. Resistance attacks are now frequent and intense; the cause for the “Threat” label. Lower Asia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 7.7 Defaction to Resistance Light Damage The Rebel Core’s influence on Malaysia has finally paid off. Kuala Lumpur, a culture based city, now backs the Resistance and will vow to do whatever it can during the upcoming battle at Valice. Lower Asia
Kyoto, Japan 5.5 Good Condition (With Forcefield) No Damage Kyoto is part of the “four last paradise cities on Earth”. It has never been attacked, is prospering despite a low population, and is very open minded. This city’s support of the Resistance would be a boon. Lower Asia
Mumbai, India 21.6 Over Population Extensive Damage Like Delhi, Mumbai is thickly populated, but to a much higher degree. This city has very little room left to live, and is now falling apart from over stressed resources and infrastructure. Home of the Asian Capoman. Lower Asia
Osaka, Japan 17.9 Threatened (With Forcefield) Minimal Damage Osaka is a strong supporter of the Resistance and a large cultural city with open minded people. The Resistance has flagged this city on the list of possible conversion targets, but rebel evacuations have not begun yet. Lower Asia
Seoul, Korea 27.3 Good Condition (With Forcefield) No Damage Seoul’s massive influx of inhabitants is not surprising, as more and more people are desperate to leave the war behind. Seoul is beautiful and environmentally sound, and has a strong missile defense system. Lower Asia
Shanghai, China 15.5 Failing Infrastructure Heavy Damage Shanghai is a solid supporter of the rebellion, although their strengths are very weak. Half the city has now succumbed to the rising sea, and its very existence is in great jeopardy. Saving the city is a priority. Lower Asia
Singapore 7.3 Over Population Moderate Damage Tiny Singapore, the last free nation aside from China, has run out of room for its citizens. A supporter of the Resistance but neutral in the war, Governor Hone is doing what he can to aid the important nation. Lower Asia
Taipei Island 16.7 Over Population Noticeable Damage Like Singapore, Taipei has run out of room to maintain proper function. Unlike Singapore, its citizens have more places to branch out to easily. Home of the Imperial central scientific research facility. Lower Asia
Tokyo, Japan 41.9 Coverted City Moderate Damage The largest city in the world and one of the key Resistance hubs has unfortunately been lost to a conversion. Freeing Tokyo is a must. Once considered a safe haven for the rebellion, Tokyo’s loss is devestating. Lower Asia
Yokohama, Japan 38.2 Threatened (With Forcefield) Light Damage Although suffering only light damage, thriving Yokohama is threatened for another reason. We’ve been fearing a conversion here for months now, and Resistance members are fleeing the world’s 2nd largest city. Lower Asia
Buenos Aires, Argentina 16.9 Good Condition (With Forcefield) Minimal Damage Buenos Aires is in very good condition, its only damage coming from outdated infrastructure and pollution. The Empire has largely ignored the city, and it is outfitted with only a single forcefield. South America
Lima, Peru 18.2 Over Population Moderate Damage Another overly populated city, Lima continues to grow because of its general location. Home of the South American Capoman, Lima remains a cultural center and a heavy supporter of the Empire. South America
Sao Paulo, Brazil 22.8 Coverted City Light Damage Unlike nearby Lima, Sao Paulo is a large benefactor to the Resistance and has been under Imperial suspicion for quite some time. Its conversion is not entire unexpected, but remains very unfortunate. South America
Rio de Janerio, Brazil 9.8 Lawlessness Extensive Damage Rio de Janerio has fallen into chaos after the military police unit left the area suddenly to help quell new uprisings elsewhere. Half of the city now faces near constant rioting and crime. Travel here is not advised. South America
Cairo, Egypt 13.4 Abandonment Crippling Damage Cairo has been devestated by the factory chain running throughout Africa. Unemployment is extremely high, and the city’s foundation is falling to pieces. Cairo is being mercilessly destroyed from the inside. Africa and Middle East
Cape Town, South Africa 5.8 Good Condition (No Forcefield) Moderate Damage Given Valice’s close proximity to Cape Town, securing it has become a new priority. The northernly winds over the area are not enough to sweep away the vast expanse of pollution from the nearby factory chain. Africa and Middle East
Tehran, Iran 17.9 Lawlessness Exceptional Damage Tehran has fallen into chaos after the Empire relocated its forces in the area to buffer its Istanbul defenses. Most of the Middle East has been in poor shape for some time now, and if Tehran falls, so could the region. Africa and Middle East
Jakarta, Indonesia 14.7 Good Condition (With Forcefield) No Damage Although the distrubation of wealth is tight in Jakarta, the city functions well and has no major problems. Well protected in the islands of Oceania, Jakarta holds the global climate monitoring center. Oceania
Manila, Philippines 14.0 Threatened (No Forcefield) Light Damage Manila currently has two forcefield towers en route for delivery. Aside from the rising sea level, Manila has found itself with limited resources and a crumbling government. The city’s condition could collapse quickly. Oceania
Quezon City, Philippines 16.3 Good Condition (With Forcefield) Minimal Damage Manila’s twin city, Quezon City recieved its forcefield tower just recently. Home of the Oceania Capoman and the largest Imperial Naval factory. Also here is the prototype of the world’s first hyper fusion reactor. Oceania
Sydney, Australia 6.9 Good Condition (With Forcefield) No Damage One of the four paradise cities, Sydney remains a wonderful place to live despite its forcefield and nearby Wellington’s naval harbor. The Resistance has not sought Australia’s support to protect the region. Oceania