Valice – Origins Divisions

The American Territories Alliance is a moderately sized resistance movement operating almost entirely in the U.S., with smaller divisions in Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. The ATA is one of the oldest rebel movements, dating back to the late 2140’s. Although they failed to prevent the conversions of New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, they did manage to evacuate most of their agents from those cities. Their headquarters is in Seattle. Unlike the other rebel groups, the ATA actually does not provide aide to the felile, leading some to call them bigots. The ATA defends themselves by explaining that they simply look “after human interests first”, and that they are still unsure if the felile race will survive. The ATA has mostly relied on peaceful movements, and the division as a whole has only had minor combat incidents. They recently achieved global fame after their involvement in destroying Boston’s forcefield tower. Their logo is of two stars, almost symbolizing yin and yang. It is said that they stand for unity.


At the heart of the Resistance is the Rebel Core, operating almost solely in Cristyl City, China. Working with Indli, the Rebel Core provides the less powerful, but more spread out Resistance with many of their weapons and combat gear. The Rebel Core operates more like a hardened military unit, with hundreds of officers, thorough training, and strict discipline. Some officers may go off into the world to found Resistance groups. The Rebel Core has the power to operate anywhere in the world, although heavy transportation planning is needed before any distant assignments can be attempted. The Rebel Core also provides felile protection for both locals, villages, and urban dwellers in hiding. The Rebel Core mostly uses small groups for espionage missions, and direct combat with the Empire is rare. Their logo is a different version of the famous Resistance icon. The circle going through represents the “Infallible Core” of the Resistance.


The Resistance has little power in Europe, both due to its proximity to the Imperial capital, and the territory’s distance from from felile-rich regions like America and Asia. The EUM takes their place for Europe, and their fight has been a hard one. Nearly a hundred members of the militia are killed each day all over Europe – but nearly two hundred more join up. Although progress is almost non-existent, so is failure. Because of their efforts, the Empire has to spend over a billion credits a day just to keep Western Europe under control. Unfortunately, their influence stops just short of the scarred region of Germany, although they do have some outposts as far east as Romania. They hope to take Germany soon, help it recover, and use it as a new center of command to advance their decade-long push to Moscow. Their logo is a very stylized depiction of Europe, with a single “U” in the top right corner.


Recently, the HKPA has become just as problematic to the Rebel Core’s operations as it has been to the Empire’s. Rebel Core officials describe the HKPA as “a bunch of loose cannon radicals with far too much anger”. Their division is almost famous for its unrelenting brutality against Imperial soldiers and citizens alike. They have been known to force people to join their cause, and then initiate them by taking out an Imperial outpost of any size and leaving no survivors – acts that the Resistance looks down on. Despite the division’s reputation, the Rebel Core still works with its head officials in both fighting the Empire and attempting to maintain order in the ranks. The HKPA operates in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, and certain parts of China, with smaller groups in Japan and Korea. Their logo is a stylized cube that hides all four of the letters in the division name.


The Indli Union is a military organization operating in China, a few hundred miles from Cristyl City. The Union has almost no agents and never enters combat situations itself. However, it does have a select team of specialists that work to steal Imperial blueprints or vehicles themselves, usually for reverse engineering. The Union is China’s primary manufacturer of war machines and weaponry. However, over 90% of its product goes directly to the Empire, as part of a long-term agreement on the China non-aggression treaty. In order to provide to the Resistance, the Union works its factories beyond recommended production levels. Union workers have long, hard shifts, but believe in what they are doing. The Indli Union has a small standby army that either the Empire, or preferably, the Rebel Core can call on in times of desperation. Their logo is an “I” (and some say a sideways “U”) going through an incomplete green circle.


The largest of all rebel movements, a division that only goes by “The Resistance” (sometimes also known as “The Felile Resistance”) spans the globe, but in disorganized small – but well trained – groups. They utilize everything from tablet and network hacking, full blown assaults, and sabotage. Members of the Resistance are known to be fearless, and they must live their lives in hiding. Almost every major city in the world has at least one Resistance group. It is calculated that the Resistance has over a quarter million members; a small number compared to the Empire, but still more than enough to become a major force of opposition. Because Felile founded the movement, they often fight harder than the others, but will work hand-in-hand with their human friends. Because of this, some believe the Resistance is one of the first steps in creating an everlasting felile-human bond. Its logo is a famous one; an iconic image of the cat creature the public knows little about. It is often spray painted on the walls of urban areas, telling others that the “Resistance is always watching.”


The Terra-Force Empire is the largest organization in human history. Nearly a billion people serve it directly, about 10% as soldiers or officers. Over 95% of the human race otherwise work for the Empire, whether they support it or not. Spanning the entire world with exception of a few free nations (China, Singapore), the Empire is seen as eternal by most. The suffering and hardships they have put on the human race will remain for years to come if the Empire should fall. The Resistance knows that the Empire is using their power to falsify the entire war, and is working to prove this to the public. Recently, the Empire has taken an ominous turn, altering the genetic structure of its soldiers and having many of its high officials disappear. The capital, Moscow, is surrounded in all directions by a hundred miles of defense towers, making access to the city nearly impossible. The Empire’s logo is a tattered but “TF”, often seen as a way of saying “We have had hardships, but we still stand.”


Unknown to most of the world, even the Resistance itself, is the high-science core of the Empire. It is not known where they operate, and the Rebel Core has never captured a member of the division’s likely very small, select team. It is theorized that this division of the Empire is highly organized and protective of its assets, likely meaning that they have little direct connection to the Empire to avoid its spreading corruption. Inkens is probably a part of this division; he may even be commanding it. The High Science Division are the likely creators of the forcefields, the conversion process, and the phoenix-killer super station. There is no doubt that they are actively seeking Valice, and may discover its location soon. How much commanding authority this division has over the rest of the Empire is unknown. Their logo, if they have one, is unknown. Valice has provided one, depicting a black circle with the Imperial letters. Even though it isn’t official, it is an ominous one.


At the top of Valice is a group of eleven members and their own families that comprise the central political head of Valice. They create and change most of Valice’s laws, while maintaining a critical secret concerning the Valician Emperor, Greyia Razle. All eleven members are native to Valice, and their political views are split right down the middle. Some want Valice to reveal itself to the rest of the world, others want it to combat the Empire directly, and a few want to remain in hiding. Although they care very much for their people’s well being, they currently have a strong disconnect with them – few Valicians have ever seen any of the Royal Family in person, giving them the incorrect belief that they have no stake in their everyday lives. The Royal Family insignia depicts the top half of Valice with a fancy “V” splitting through it. This insignia is often considered one born of arrogance; further evidence that those on the top half of Valice have little to do with the bottom.