Introduction to Valice

Valice – Origins is a science fiction adventure novel by Ian Dean.

The year is 2211. History has been literally rewritten, an evil empire rules the world, and the people they created are fighting back. Welcome to Valice – Origins, a story that takes place on an unfamiliar Earth. As a subtle power of darkness and corruption looms, join three very different narrators on their journey to uncover the truth about their past, present, and future. A sci-fi epic years in the making, Valice – Origins is just the beginning of a new trilogy; one that humans will share with the world’s new people, the cat-like felile.

Measuring in at 564 pages and loaded with about 20 illustrations by both Ian Dean (Gekko) and Molly Dean (meedee), Valice – Origins is a sprawling book of which a lot of heart went into.

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