Valice Timeline

The sequence of events leading up to Valice – Origins. Facts and dates are subject to change to fix inconsistencies (keeping an accurate timeline, even when made by the author, is pretty tough!). Note that story spoilers are scattered throughout, with the major ones being at the bottom. You should probably read the story first before going through this reference page.


Year Summary of Events Recent Births
2054 China and America enter a Cold War

Fueled by Earth’s dwindling resources, the Cold War was also brought on by the expansion into space, which was quickly becoming an economically viable corporate and governmental source of power. America and China were Earth’s two super powers, with the EU a very strong force, as well. The Cold War was mostly non-violent,but as more and more sanctions and embargoes came into place, tensions continued to mount. Two massive armies continued to form as both countries stockpiled nuclear weaponry and developed more powerful,non- radioactive weaponry. With dwindling resources on all sides, a global, devastating war seemed inevitable.

2063 Threatening Climate Change Ends

Despite the struggling conditions of the world, progress for the benefit of mankind is still an active goal. Ending a threat which had lasted over half a century, the Earth officially reachess tolerant temperatures again, and the icecaps reform before major, permanent damage is done to the planet.

2075 Global Terran Union Develops

Seeking an end to the Cold War and the ongoing desire to bring about a global peace, a powerful non-partisan military and political force develops in the EU, and soon finds support with America. Now faced with an overwhelming power going against it, China also funds and partially joins this union.

2090 Terran Union Becomes Dominate, Centralized Government

Working together, Earth’s countries and the Terran Union have brought about peace, prosperity, and technologies never before soon. The space industry has been especially revolutionized, and gene splicing and alteration is quickly becoming the highlight and long term project of scientific research. Most countries have signed onto the Union by this point. With the world’s power behind it, the Terran Union gains close to total power. Few see the Union as a threat; rather, it is seen as the catalyst for the world peace humanity has long sought out.

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2112 Global Transition Ends, Terran Union Changes to Terra-Force Empire

To some protest, the Terran Union officially declares itself as Earth’s one true empire. While at first only a non-threatening titular change, countries are quick to realize the power they have provided to the entity, and bow down to its might. All countries end up relying on the Terra-Force Empire, but only the smallest of countries allow the Empire to take complete control; a process that involved removing their current rulers and allowing Bishops and Capomen to overtake country and continent respectively. Continents are renamed to Territories, and rulers of “free” countries are renamed to Governors.

2114 Individual Countries Rebel Against Empire

While only a few conflicts over the following century were especially bloody, the war against the Empire nevertheless brought about an end to peace. The Empire would pound smaller countries into oblivion, whether wit or without violence, and then use their power to continue the assault on any other nation which resisted. America, China, Australia, Singapore, and other island nations are spared total takeover, meaning that they would keep their current Governors.

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2115 Mars is Colonized Once Again. Felile Projects Begin

Determined to move sensitive research that often went beyond ethical and moral boundaries, the Terra-Force Empire start up a Martian project, signaling man’s first return to Mars after the first colony failed five decades ago, after the Cold War caused strain and fear for Martian projects and all colonists were recalled. With complete dominance over aerospace development and the general public’s very limited access to space and beyond, the Empire is able to do whatever they please off world. Leonard Naomos is discovered during this time, his origin unknown. He carries a genetic structure that would allow the creation of a new species of people.

2116 Felile Project is Underway. Linx Project Considered Failure

Terra-Force scientists have developed the first new species of humans. Mixing the feline genetic structure with that of humans, faster, loyal, more powerful soldiers are developed which can survive naturally in more environments and have higher tolerances to nearly everything except for intense pain. The first batch, however, takes on a significant fault: The subjects quickly become disobedient, and thereafter lack any control. The majority of the subjects are terminated, with around one hundred kept in containment for study.

2117 The Pinnacle Event

The final version of felile are created, and the universal forces become active again, flooding out from a tear near Mars. Darkness begins enveloping the human race, with the Terra-Forces as their primary conduit to extort the public. The dominance the Terra-Forces have over the world is more than enough to let the Darkness feed off of fear and reach the power it requires in a century’s time for a complete takeover. The Darkness guardian, Neocys, wipes out mankind’s history on Earth, altering the memories of every single person save for a few, and destroying as much data and physical evidence about the true past as possible to create an alternate history that would be more beneficial to its needs. Valice is created on Earth, high above the Pacific. Its opposite forms where the Darkness “seed” smashed into Eastern China.

2118 Changes in the Empire. Three Days of Death in China

The Darkness has corrupted Terra-Force political leaders and the Empire’s millions of soldiers, turning the Empire into a far more ruthless and vicious ruling organization than previously. However, the affects of the Darkness would take nearly a century to intensify to a self-sustaining force. The speed was such that the following generations would come to unknowingly accept the ever harshening realities of life. The same year, the Empire attacked China in full after months of suffering diplomacy and concurrent uprisings against Imperial presence in the area. After an intense, bloody struggle known as the Three Days of Death, China won its total independency, although much of it lay in ruins. China comes to be the only full country aside from Singapore to have a total freedom from the Empire, although it must produce for the Empire’s military. Slowly, most of the country turns to wasteland and urban derelict. Only Cristyl City, formerly the country’s capital of Beijing, is left to prosper. Meanwhile on Mars, the felile project has been forced to resume despite the danger of the unexplainable portal there. While felile numbers increase for a super army, scientists there make attempts to close the portal.

2120 Felile Escape and Find Valice

The felile are ordered for immediate termination after the Empire shifts its focus, and the test subjects begin developing a freewill. They managed to deny their creators’ orders, and subsequently break free from the laboratories in an unexpectedly non-violent struggle. The older felile, most of whom are children, take with them the thousands of infant cloned felile, and flee the planet in the Heaven’s Arrow, which just barely has enough room for the infants, who have literally been boxed and prepared to shift as if they were products. Zel’s grandfather works with Leonard Naomos to free their people. All operations and personnel on Mars are lost, and the Empire makes no rescue attempt. Using his newly discovered powers, Leonard brings the felile to Earth within hours. He separates with them soon after arrival, never to see Valice himself. The felile take up residence in Valice and begin exploring its many secrets.

2121 Valice’s Citizens Break Off, Lynx Members Banished

About one year after the felile arrived at their sanctuary, they realize that by staying there as a whole, they risk the future of their people. Slowly, many of the elders – then known as the felile who were once human – begin breaking off and founding small villages scattered all throughout the world. Greyia Razle, a young, very intelligent felile is the most prominent figure to remain, and he is elected to be the ruler of the felile. The small subspecies developed from the Lynx Project are also banished for their destructive, selfish behavior. They flee to Eastern Europe and are not heard from again.

2130 Valice is Settled, War Machine Construction Begins

Living in a time of great fear, the felile at Valice begin production on a military force they could use if the Empire ever discovered them. They also learn how to maneuver or “pilot” Valice, and begin moving it to the safer location of the uninhabited continent of Antarctica. Felile villages around the world grow slowly as the Empire seeks out the truth about where the people they created had gone.

2135 Empire Stumbles on Lynx Village, First Confirmation of Felile Survival

The Terra-Forces discover the largest village, which belongs to those from the Lynx Project. Instead of destroying them outright, they instead decide to study them from the shadows to see if there was anything salvageable from the project. This study would go on for fifty years, providing the Terra-Forces with most of the knowledge they would gain from felile observation. The conclusion that all felile are cold-blooded and savage becomes a popular subject among the observers, and this idea will slowly work its way throughout the entire Empire.

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2140 Valice Becomes Major Power, Early Seeds of Rebellion Planted

By now, Valice has taken up the strength of a small country. Elsewhere, one of the former high Bishops who had just become Capoman of Europe, a man usually only identified by his last name “Farthwerthy”, almost single-handedly creates the Resistance using his family’s fortune. The Resistance begins as something of a felile protection agency, and slowly evolves into an all-out movement against the Empire, which is in turn led by felile for the first few decades.

2150 Rebellion Movement Begins to Grow. Felile Eye Rest of World

The Resistance is now a noticeable movement, although its people have little power by themselves. Over years of underground rumors, the existence of the felile begins to come into full light. Although any early relationships remained sparse, and at the time, the felile would not free any human they may have captured. However, the felile become conscious of the outside world, and disguised warriors begin to scout it out.

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2170 Inkens Becomes Popular Political Figures, Seen with Leonard’s Son Oliver

Seretin Inkens has achieved political glory in a short time, becoming one of the youngest members in the Imperial office. In his journeys, he comes across a gifted young man whom he takes fascination in: Oliver Naomos. Although Leonard faded into non-existence long ago, the discovery of his son excited Inkens, who had been deeply intrigued by the tale of the man responsible for the felile, and the fabled powers he supposedly had with him. Oliver would late disappear just as mysteriously as his father had.

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2185 Felile Begin Human Relationships. Martin Becomes Resistance Member

The Resistance has become a major global power in its fight against the Empire. Through their efforts, the public has begun to show doubt over the government’s dictatorship, although combat situations have remained rare. To combat a world changing against them, the Empire steps up their mind altering projects and begins using gene splicing to make more powerful, loyal soldiers which can fight longer and harder. Martin Druvska was sent to the military academy in Istanbul at this time, following in his older brothers’ footsteps. When the military saw his potential, they attempted to make him a high ranking officer, with strength that was above the norm. However, Martin managed to flee, and would soon join the Resistance movement in Barcelona. After spending nearly a year in a small group, he became separated from them and was captured by felile explorers. He would come to gain their trust, and soon formed his own group which worked with felile.

At the same time, Cristyl City had begun to take in felile, most of whom were parts of small villages scattered throughout China, where they could escape much of the Empire’s persecution and watchful eye. With the influx of felile and the rise of friendly human-felile relations, the Rebel Core was formed in Cristyl, which would act as the centralized home of the Resistance. With support from nearby military corporation Indli, Cristyl City could produce weapons and machinery for the Resistance worldwide, and brought the city into one of legends among the earthbound felile.

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2190 Resistance now in Full-scale Warfare with Empire. Inkens Becomes Head of Chicago

With newfound strength and allies, the Resistance movement explodes and becomes a new enemy against the Empire’s dominance. While still not powerful enough to conquer and win over entire nations, the Resistance has enough strength to frequently break into local networks, produce newsletters, and hack into tablet stands to broadcast their message. While the felile members of the movement remain in secret, their existence has come into a public mindset, although few ever see them with their own eyes.

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2198 Lynx Village Destroyed. Lunar Colony Begins Construction

Now bored of the one village they had ever discovered and allowed to survive, the Empire goes through with the destruction of the Lynx village. However, in order to finalize their studies and avoid combat themselves, they send another nearby village which it had held hostage to engage in combat with those of the Lynx project, essentially bringing about to an end both villages. Adago is the only of his people to escape, and he and Zel, who commanded the attack, begin their rivalry. The same year, the Empire begins construction on the moon of a colony, meeting, and recreational area meant to promote peace and prosperity in the troubling times, and to renew faith in the Empire’s caring for the people it ruled over.

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2201 The Strength of the Darkness has Begun to Peak. War Begins as Attacks on Earth Commence

The Darkness begins its direct invasion using a race they had previously taken, but postpones the destruction of mankind so that it can create new, powerful fear to feed off of until the invading force fills itself to the brim. Inkens and Criks become two of the force’s most powerful and used slaves, and the Empire feigns the continuation of the war for their own means by developing the citywide forcefields, meant to protect cities after the attacks from space that they also orchestrated. Instead of wasting needed energy, the forces of the Darkness pull back and allow its empire of puppets to do its work instead.

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2208 Ruby Joins Martin’s Group in Chicago. Hone Takes Office in Cristyl City

As times change and the felile begin playing an even larger part in the world, Hone, a well respected felile sympathizer, takes office in Cristyl City and becomes the public figure leading the Resistance. Meanwhile in Chicago, Ruby Belfore joins Martin’s group although she still must focus on taking care of her brother, Vincent. She desires to learn the truth of why her parents were killed, and falls in love with the felile and becomes determined to help them in their plight.

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2210 Conversions Begin. Vince Joins Martin’s Group, Which Later Joins Rebel Core

Vince is forced into Martin’s group, and after discovering the felile for himself, he flees with his new friends before Chicago is wrapped under the green shell of a conversion. After traveling to an Alaskan felile village to seek transport to China, Vince meets Veli, and two quickly become friends. Their relationship tightens after a betrayal and near disastrous incident at Hawaii, and soon after join the Rebel Core and learn of Earth’s true, forgotten history by Promee, one of the few people who was able to retain memories from the pinnacle event. At the same time, felile are revealed to the public as Earth’s true enemy.

2211 The Year the Majority of the Story Takes Place. Adago Joins Martin’s Group. The Empire Falls

Adago remembers his vendetta as he is forced to flee his long-time home in Berlin. Reluctantly, he joins the Resistance after some words with an old friend, General Lazz. After working with Carris to discover plans for the Phoenix Killer, Martin’s group is informed of Valice’s existence through Jave, who hails from the mythical city, and Promee, who was the first human to of had seen Valice. After joining Valice’s fight, the global war shifts quickly, and Valice is forced into the open after a rescue mission at the Imperial capital. Vince is revealed to be Leonard’s grandson, and Veli as the heir to Valice’s throne. The Empire attempts to destroy Valice with two invading battalions and the Phoenix Killer, but with assistance from Indli and Adago, Ruby, and Vince’s assault on the space station, Valice is saved from destruction. This defeat, couple with a worldwide broadcast from Rupert and Sasha which showed the compelling evidence the Resistance needed, brings the Empire to a crumbling end. Rebuilding begins immediately, and felile are slowly introduced into society.

2212 The Darkness Begins its Direct Invasion. Vincent Overcomes

A year after the fall of the Terra-Force Empire, the newly formed government known as the GUA, headed by Resistance founder Farthwerthy, is celebrating at Cristyl City when the Darkness renews its invasion in full. As the Earth is covered by unnatural storm clouds, Vincent and Veli learn of their true roles as vessels to the universal energies. Vince takes on the Light stored in Valice and in the elders blessed by his grandfather, and then travels to Mars with Adago to end the invasion alongside Veli. After Neocys is defeated, Vince enters the extra-universal realm to bring a balance back to the universe and end the invasion of mankind entirely.

2213 The Rebirth of Creativity

With the lingering Darkness gone, mankind is once again free to explore the depths of his mind. As reconstruction commences and a new era begins, it is Veli’s fellow villager Kesha Oppie who shows the first signs of the rebirth of creativity. While her and Vince’s fates lie in other times entirely, the stories of everyone else are just beginning.