Valice II – Group Characters

These are the people of Blue Group Nine, and the majority of the story’s main characters. They have a variety of backgrounds and reasons for fighting NovaQ, and will bring all of those together to take down the company… hopefully.

This page contains some minor story spoilers. You may want to hold off looking at it until Part 8 of Valice II

Vincent Naomos Vince Belfore Naomos (Narrator)

Age: 18 / Species: Human / Place of Birth: Chicago, IL / Training: Rebel Core Standard
Weapon: Handguns, rifles, Universal Energy Staff

A century ago, Vince became known as an enigmatic figure, “The boy in the brown coat,” who was said to have saved the world from the Day of Darkness somehow. Valice knows more about him than anyone, including the fact that the former Resistance member is a universal energy “vessel,” and can bend the forces around him – at least the light side. NovaQ has brought him back into a world he helped create, but is still alien to him. Luckily, he quickly finds friends in Andrea, a descendent of his sister Ruby, and Kit, Adago’s great-grandson. Once he learns that one other from his past, Kesha, is in NovaQ’s possession, he finds the will to fight another corrupted mass entity… this time a business.

Kit Nicolta Kit Crelden Nicolta (Narrator)

Age: 16 / Species: Felile / Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan / Training: Basic VR Combat
Weapon: Handguns, plasma knife, plasma pike

Kit made himself out to be a dangerous punk to try and distance himself from his heritage… or anyone at all. His grandmother, Ohmi, was a famous war photographer, and his great grandfather, Adago, helped save Valice a century ago. He believes he too is expected to do great things, and knowing that he probably never will, he has become defensive to just about everyone in the orphanage he grew up in – except for Sami Zipher, one of his teachers. The only thing Kit has really ever aspired to be is an XCycle racer, and as a result, he knows quite a bit about mechanics and vehicles. He joins the group after “accidentally” visiting their base with Sami on the night of the Shinian’s destruction.

Wick Zipher Wick Lancaster Zipher (Narrator)

Age: 36 / Species: Human / Place of Birth: Las Vegas, NV /
Training: Engineering, Marine Combat (VR only) / Weapon: Rifles, machine guns

While not officially a Blue Group member, Wick has recently renewed his life’s goal of destroying NovaQ after they found him and like so many years ago, began using him once again. Wick has a dark past that he knows he’ll never be able to overcome, and the only person he’s ever truly cared for is his younger stepsister, Sami. Wick has spent the last few years laying low and performing grunt work on the Endearing Star, an old NovaQ space station orbiting Earth. He spends the night in his quarters, looking out at the jumpgate’s construction – the device that will guide humanity to a new world. It may be too late to save it from NovaQ, but if he’s patient enough and gains their trust, revenge may be in his grasp…

Andrea Casomos Andrea Belfore Casomos

Age: 32 / Species: Halfil / Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA
Training: White Ops Adv. Combat / Weapon: Plasma pike, SMGs, aux. robotic arms

Andrea comes from a progressive and politically critical family, with her great-grandmother Ruby having been an early GUA senator, her grandmother a political activist and professor, and her parents both former state officials. She is also a halfil – her father is a felile, which is the result of a relationship long shunned by both races. She has fire in her heart however, and is determined to see justice for those that deserve it. One of the few believers of Red Nova’s existence, Andrea has recently investigated their possible resurgence, a hunt that brought her to rescuing Vince off the Shinian cruiser. Aside from being Blue Group Nine’s boss, she is also secretly a White Ops agent and works under Grand Chancellor Wrin.

Eric Parson Eric Parson

Age: 33 / Species: Human / Place of Birth: Boston, MA / Training: White Ops Adv. Combat
Weapon: Bionic eye, bionic arm, machine guns, shotguns, plasma katana

Eric was briefly a Martian mercenary, and while he still puts on a gruff, killer exterior, he’s in truth a pretty nice guy who can crack a few good jokes around the few people he’d actually call friends. Eric doesn’t take a lot of things seriously except for work, and his attitude often grates Stalvo’s nerves. He rarely discusses his past, and the group he works with doesn’t know that he is Andrea’s White Ops partner. Like most of the others in the group, he has personal reasons for taking down NovaQ. Though primarily a rifleman, Eric has experience with a wide variety of weaponry, including a deadly and rare plasma katana, and has a bionic eye and arm to aid him in combat.

Sami Zipher Sami Veronas Zipher

Age: 28 / Species: Human / Place of Birth: Sioux City, IA
Training: VR Advanced Combat, EMT basic / Weapon: SMG, rifles

Sami’s father left her mother before she was born, and had few friends growing up. After her mother married Wick’s father in Neveda, she began to warm up to her new stepbrother. Although neither of them knew much about love or friendship and they only spent a few years at home together, they forged a strong bond and opened each other’s hearts. Today, Sami is a kind, down to earth girl and caretaker of Kit – although he doesn’t know that. She joined the Blue Group to find out what happened to Wick, only knowing that he is somehow involved with the company. Sami also has EMT training and can act as the team’s medic. She remains quite friendly and enjoys the company of each of her squad mates.

Stalvo Fillepse Stalvo Taggis Fillepse

Age: 35 / Species: Felile / Place of Birth: England / Training: Advanced Pike Artistry
Weapon: Plasma pike (master)

Like Eric, Stalvo keeps his past shrouded in secrecy. He never mentions anything about it other than his pike training – he is one of the few living pikemaster in the world, an art that has slowly been dying over the past few decades. He mostly keeps to himself, and his suave gentlemanly personality contrasts greatly with Eric’s – so the two don’t get along all that well outside of a professional sense. Stalvo has a no-nonsense attitude and speaks only when necessary, but Andrea fully trusts him. He sought out and joined her group for reasons still unknown, but his determination to defend his allies and take down NovaQ, apparent even through his stoic nature, makes him an important part of the team.

Batty Apt Batterin Jedford Apt

Age: 31 / Species: Human / Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia / Training: Grade III Piloting
Weapon: Handgun, missile launcher, attack copter

Some would see him as a strange, eccentric character obsessed with repairing and building anything mechanical, but he has a few more layers under his outward traits. He grew up with two parents working in the Australian House and cured his boredom by driving motorcycles around in the Outback – starting at age twelve. He later upgraded to light aircraft and worked his way to a pilot’s license. Batterin, or as everyone calls him, Batty, keeps the group’s bikes and weapons in good shape. He dreams of finally completing his adapted gunship, the Twilight, and using it in battle. Although he is clumsy with many small arms weapons, he is surprisingly effective with heavy weapons such as missile launchers.

Saki Misaki Saki Shiushen Misaki

Age: 23 / Species: Felile / Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Training: Practical Science Master’s Degree / Weapon: Bow gun

Saki and Yuki, identical twins, are both scientific geniuses and devote their research to working in digital and cyber-space environments, and with Valice’s permission, the universal forces. Born into a large, wealthy Kyoto felile family, they have two older siblings and three younger, and the twins, while not estranged to their family, certainly see themselves as the “outcasts.” Their parents never told which of them was born first, but Saki has always felt a little submissive to Yuki. She has a tendency to flirt with boys and is something of an XCycle enthusiast herself, a trait that she shares with Kit, whom she thinks is cute. Though she can be absentminded, she can easily spend an entire night on her research.

Yuki Misaki Yuki Shiushen Misaki

Age: 23 / Species: Felile / Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Training: Practical Science Master’s Degree / Weapon: Battle Staff

Yuki has a stricter personality and always follows things, research or everyday moments, by the book. She still has more in common with her twin sister than her older one, Mai, or her older brother Keichi – a Misaki prodigy and a lazy networkist respectively, but she constantly reprimands Saki for her mistakes, and the two argue often despite being quite close to one another. They were actually the ones approached by the GUA to form a Blue Group, and thus they are technically the founders of “Andrea’s Team.” Soon after Andrea became the team leader, they both received basic combat training, although they don’t plan on doing any fighting and hope to help their friends from the front of a computer terminal.

Saki Misaki Kesha Detra Oppie

Age: 16 / Species: Felile / Place of Birth: Alaskan Felile Village
Training: Valician light vessel training / Weapon: Handgun, Light vessel powers

About five years after Vince left the universe as we know it, Kesha was sought and captured by an early incarnation of Red Nova shortly after her mother died and Valice began showing a fascination in her. Kesha was the first person in the world to have an understanding of long lost art forms, and Valice realized that she might’ve been a light vessel – having been born before the tear was closed by Vince and now unable to use the forces. She was frozen in a cryo-capsule for some 90 years. After she was rescued, she, like Vince, awoke into a strange new world. She quickly found new friends and became one of the group’s members, her potential to use the power of the Light a possible great weapon against NovaQ’s robot army.