Valice II – Timeline

Valice II Timeline

The sequence of events leading up to Valice II – Reconstruction. Note that story spoilers are scattered throughout, with the major ones being at the bottom. You should probably read the story first before going through this reference page.


Year Summary of Events
Early GUA Era
2216 Possible Creation of Red Nova

As Earth recovers from the century-long Imperial devastation and the following Day of Darkness, the remnants of the Terra-Force science divisions form a shadowy organization to discover what truths about recent events Valice has been hiding from the public. Veli marries Almsy Piteri, a girl from his village, a few years later.

2220 Kesha Oppie is Abducted

As the rest of the world is focused on forming a stable government, Red Nova’s activities continue unnoticed. They turn their sights on Kesha, who is by now known to be the first to begin showing signs of creativity again, her drawings having evolved into paintings and fascinating both Cristyl City citizens and many others across the globe. After Valice began to protect her following her mother’s death, Red Nova abducted her after she was leaving school one day. Their limited equipment only showed that she had slight anomalies, but knowing she may be useful in the future, they placed her in cryostasis. Her disappearance triggered responses from Valice, the GUA, and Pelter Corin, a young Sergeant in the new GUA military.

2223 Investigations Cease as GUA Begins to Fail

After having sought out Kesha for over two years, Pelter accepts the fact that he will likely never see her again. The news of the efforts coming to a close saddens Emperor Veli, but there are greater problems arising. Doubt is greatly increasing about the GUA’s ability to govern. People fear that the emperor has too much power, and they begin to grow concerned that their government is still called an “empire” at all. Around this time, Ruby Belfore marries, becomes a senator determined to prevent another war, and has two children.

2230 Countries Begin to Separate from GUA

In a catastrophic move, countries separate from the GUA and govern themselves, which leads to widespread financial turmoil and breakdown of the flow of global trade. For six years, an air of uncertainty spreads as mistrust between countries grows. Felile, who have struggled to fit into many societies up to this point, begin returning to Cristyl City and Valice in droves, for fear of crimes against them in places out of GUA control. By 2235, only Asia, most of Europe, and America remain in the GUA, and outside countries are reluctant to negotiate with the new empire.

2236 Formation of the WPM

Former Terra-Force officials come out of hiding, seeing a chance to return stability to the world. Despite the fact that they once worked in an even more hated empire, most of these officials actually fear the GUA becoming a second Terra-Force union, and use these fears to play the public into their hands. Many countries that had separated from the GUA now band together to create the World Progressive Movement. While it has a strong military, its ability to govern effectively is limited, and many countries suffer for their inclusion despite receiving protection and financial aid. With the world again divided into two superpowers, talks between the two become vital – but doomed to fail.

2238 Final Talks to Avoid War Break Down

The GUA refuses to recognize the WPM as a legitimate government, and discussion of further reformation of either side ceases. Both powers recall their ambassadors and most global travel is shut down. As much as every leader wants to avoid another war and bringing chaos back into the world, they feel that long-lasting stability can only be achieved if one side triumphs over the other.

Civil War
March 2238 Tel Aviv Attack Sparks War

With the core of the WPM accepted to be in Georgia, the organization, now a strong political and military force, moves across the Middle East and attacks one of the last GUA stronghold cities in the region. Tel Aviv is attacked brutally on all fronts, nearly leveling the city before remaining GUA delegates and officers surrender just five hours into the invasion. Almost overnight, the WPM cements itself into the Middle East, and begins using captured war factories to produce an even larger army before the GUA can properly counterattack. Outrage over the reality of another war, so soon after the Terra-Forces fell, grips much of the world, although support of both the GUA and the WPM remains strong.

July 2238 Battles for Iceland and Middle East

A few months after the WPM settled into the region and fended off all efforts to retake it, they spread their forces out, invading Egypt. Desperate for men and with the threat of an enormously destructive war, the GUA enacts a draft. Pelter returns to the army just in time to help lead evacuation efforts in Cairo. Elsewhere, Iceland, a wealthy island of many spaceports and aerospace factories, is seized almost effortlessly by the WPM. Realizing the need for orbital dominance, both forces begin rapidly developing next generation space fighters, frigates, and orbital weapons. The WPM becomes known as the “hero” side to many, as they claim to fight GUA corruption, and their financial policies help many countries that had been suffering during the staggered post-Empire recovery.

2239 WPM Marches to Cristyl City

The GUA finally begins to push back the WPM invasion on many fronts, but the WPM marches without resistance across Asia. Martin Druvska comes out of retirement to provide tactical advice to the GUA’s growing military forces, while Rupert Jakobs, the president of an American tech company, provides the GUA military with life-saving software and hardware. Somehow, it seems that Martin’s group has once again been brought together, albeit from across it, to help stop the world from falling into chaos. By the end of this year, Iceland is retaken over a day’s time through a courageous beach landing led by Pelter. Much of its factories and spaceports already stripped, the remaining WPM forces put up little resistance, and the island is only a minor GUA victory. Disturbing prototype technology is discovered here – copies of stolen research indicates that the WPM seeks to finalize a “nanite storm” system.

2240 War Enters New Stage as UC is Created

As a one General Visage becomes a prominent and ambitious member of the WPM, a third force begins to develop, ironically bringing up even further bloodshed despite its sole purpose to end the war as quickly as possible. Funded mostly by corporations that have been hurt by both the WPM and the GUA, and the poor trade agreements between the two governments, the Unity Core was a small organization that relied on slipping in under the chaos of the war and taking out key military targets and figures on both sides, in effort to cripple the two powers. However, the war is simply too large for the UC’s actions to have much effect, and they instead begin to arrive in the midst of battles and attack both sides violently, sometimes contributing as much as 25% of a day’s casualties. Their focus on “punishment,” their battle methods are unorthodox and lack any degree of civility or honor.

November 2240 Cristyl City Falls, Valice Shuts Down

After surrounding Cristyl City with ground forces from the west, and naval forces from the south and east, aerial units quickly take out the city’s anti-air and anti-orbital weaponry. Within a day’s time, ten percent of the senators and delegates evacuate the city, while most stay as an act of defiance, and believing that with all that Cristyl has experienced, the city was too strong to fall. Ruby considers staying despite the imminent threat of the WPM entering the city, but Pelter contacts her and urges her and her family to flee to America’s west coast, which is still untouched by the war. She arrives in her husband’s family’s house in Los Angeles just as orbital weapons begin bombarding Cristyl and Valice closes its shell. Led by General Visage, the Peace Hall is quickly overrun. He later sits triumphantly in the senate chamber’s chair that once belonged to the GUA emperor, but grudgingly cannot yet declare victory. Valice, on the coast observing a smoldering Cristyl, ceases all traffic in or out. Emperor Veli vows no involvement, in agreement with the royal family. The felile already had their war.

2241 GUA Begins Reclaiming Oceania

The GUA refocuses and moves the bulk of its forces toward Australia. Unable to fund a war of attrition, Emperor Marcus Poles decides that the best option is to retake Cristyl and Valice by brute force. Meanwhile, Ohmi Nicolta, Adago’s daughter, rises to fame after her first few thousand war photographs spread over the net. Working closely with Pelter, Ohmi gains exclusive access to many battlefields and GUA army compounds. Her images of sadness and hope, death and life, are said to help propel the end of the war, and engage millions of civilians on both sides. Support for the WPM begins to wane as images of their invasion become well known – the GUA on the other hand spends much of their efforts into retaking land, giving them an advantage in public image. By March, the largest naval operation in recorded history is underway in Indonesia.

May 2241 Massive Battle in New York City

Now Desperate to commence an invasion of America, the WPM sends nearly half of its forward units to America’s east coast. The majority of the forces attack New York City, beginning a battle that at first they seem certain to win. However, after four days of intense fighting, the newly reformed GUA military power begins to visibly repel the attackers. Although war machines fill up the rivers and streets, much of the city infrastructure remains relatively undamaged. In orbit above, some of the earliest known space combat ensues to take control of the skies. In the latter part of the battle, the UC sends in the rest of its forces, although it focuses its attacks on the WPM. After the WPM retreats, the war reaches a turning point. Once on the brink of collapse, the GUA begins its journey back to Cristyl City. The UC takes its remaining small army and fights for the GUA from now on. During his last days fighting in Japan, Pelter comes across a young girl in the ruins of a city, and decides to raise her – an act that makes him feel some redemption for never finding Kesha.

March 2242 Cristyl is Retaken

The first images of Cristyl are unbelievable to the world: The once proud, glistening city had been reduced to rubble. While most of the city had remained intact following the initial invasion, the years of inner-city resistance, on and off bombardment from the GUA, and now finally the first two days of intense, non-stop battle has destroyed over 90% of its buildings. Only the Peace Hall, scarred, remains mostly intact. The major obstacle to retaking Cristyl is the nanite storm in the sky above, covering 50 square miles. This torrent of nanobots makes orbital and aerial assistance impossible and greatly hampers communicates, so ground forces have to be sent in first under brutal conditions to shut off the nanite control towers. After five more days of combat, with the WPM throwing everything they have at the GUA, the skies finally clear and the final battle can be fought on additional fronts. Realizing that it is finally time to surrender, the supreme commander of the WPM prepares to make the order from within the Peace Hall. General Visage, however, believes that the war can still be won, and considers his superior a traitor. After murdering him, Visage takes the remaining units in the Peace Hall and forces his way into nearby neutral Valice – an act that the WPM had never considered. Pelter manages to get two squads and himself into Valice before Visage takes Emperor Veli hostage and activates Valice’s defense systems, making any further entry nearly impossible. Pelter works his way up to the royal chamber and rescues Veli. After a gunfight, Pelter intercepts Visage as he attempts to flee in one of the elevators. Pelter knocks him off, grabbing his hand at the last second in attempt to save him. Visage, however, brandishes a knife, forcing Pelter to drop him into the city far below. The war finally over, Martin’s former team gathers one last time to look upon the destruction of Cristyl from Valice’s decks.

Reconstruction Era
2243 World Prepares to Rebuild, GUA Reorganized

Reconstruction seems insurmountable. The final death toll of the war is estimated to be around one-hundred million globally, with financial costs too great to calculate. But with the calm after the storm comes hope, and slowly, the world comes to grips with reality. The felile, seeing a time when their help could be greatly appreciated, come out publicly once again and aid in reconstruction efforts. Meanwhile, amidst a Cristyl City filled with as many construction cranes as residents, the GUA begins to reform its structure in order to correct their past mistakes and weaknesses in governing. The title of Emperor is changed to Grand Chancellor, and he is stripped of much of his authoritative power, with much more given to the senate. Countries become more independent, though united in ways that will benefit each of them. Ruby moves back to Cristyl, Pelter quits the military for good, and Veli has a son, Nemil, around this time.

2246 Grand Chancellor Assassinated, Further Reformation

Jeremy Verela, the first Grand Chancellor and a very divisive man, is assassinated early into his term by a former WPM political figure. There is doubt about the ability of the reformed GUA, and more changes are made quickly to avoid even further damage to its control. The early roots of megacorporations begin to develop as the world rebuilds, and are able to provide billions in funding to remake cities and roads, and advance space exploration. In need of sources of power, Helium-3 mining begins on the moon, which leads to first lunar colonies in nearly 150 years. By the end of the year, through a special election, Bethaneal Scot becomes the first female leader of the GUA. Felile and human relations grow.

2252 Nova-Ion Absorbs Quantum-Phase Industries and Becomes Major Power

Megacorporations are shaped, reshaped, and merged like fluid in a fast-flowing river. A megaton development is the combining of Nova-Ion, a company that secretly used Red Nova’s remnants to create advanced technology, and Quantum-Phase Industries, an all natural scientifically-driven corporation, to create NovaQ. Around this time, Red Nova begins to reform and begin construction of an army on Centreon – a garden world not yet discovered or named by the GUA. With knowledge of the forces stolen from Valice, Red Nova had several years earlier managed to reopen the gateway between this universe and the realm of the forces. Using NovaQ as a shield to hide their activities and as a source of funding, the felile Verold family, primarily the brothers Mathis and Makon, continue the studies of the Terra-Forces into the universal energies, and begin theorizing ways to control and use it.

2257 First Felile Grand Chancellor Elected, World Stabilizes

As a sign of growing felile relations, Avyd Bir becomes the first felile to the lead the GUA among a world that has been reborn. A new term has come about to describe a new race: halfil, those born between a human and felile couple. Despite strong human-felile relations, the particular one of human-felile love is a thing looked down upon, especially by felile. Valice begins tours across the coastline of Asia, which later expand to the west coast of North and South America, and open up their city to more commercial opportunities. Tharsis City on Mars is thoroughly settled, with atmospheric generators dotted across the world to begin the long process of terraforming. The rising sea levels have helped to form a unique piece of land out in the American southwest, which is settled by a few wealthy people and turned into the independent city-state of Atiquin City. In orbit above, space stations, starports, and military fortresses are built. By this point, about one spaceport is built each year on Earth.

2265 World Enters New Golden Age

The last physical scars of the Civil War fade away. However, a new challenge to Earth’s people emerges. The rising sea has reached critical levels. New York City’s floodgates are overpowered and water begins to rush into the city. However, because this was predicted years early, the city managed to adapt. Its streets are turned into canals, its buildings protected above the waves. Central Park is uplifted through extreme engineering. NovaQ builds their headquarters here, in the new “Great Water City.” Technological advances come quickly through NovaQ, due to their secret use of the forces, which accelerates research and development. It soon seems apparent that humanity can do anything its heart desires. As the world begins to prosper, the possibility of war feels more and more distant.

2280 Perseus Becomes New President of NovaQ

A member of a wealthy family, Perseus rises to fame within NovaQ and becomes president of the company, and the richest man in the world. Around this time, Esher Razle, Wick Zipher, and Andrea Casomos are born, her parents being Marie Belfore and Hedro Casomos, a felile, and the GUA begins to realize the need to monitor NovaQ activity more closely. The early Blue Groups come into formation with aid from Valice, who begin to theorize through readings that the forces may again be entering our universe, but they cannot prove it. Because of improving global conditions, the public believes that the NovaQ-GUA relation is working and should not be feared, making both the government and the largest corporation in the world trusted. For about fifteen years, stability reigns. During these fifteen years, Centreon, an extrasolar world that can support life, is discovered. The first few thousand colonists are sent out to it in a twenty-five year voyage using the fastest starships ever built.

!!!!!!! Golden Era
2296 Investigation of Ceres

Emperor Veli dies at age 100, but not before telling his son Nemil about the creation device he discovered in Valice’s core in his earlier years. One of Nemil’s first orders of business is asking for an official investigation of the Ceres dwarf planet in the asteroid belt, which has been giving off faint energy readings that seem similar to Darkness. Loenn Nicolta, Adago’s grandson, is sent to the world with his partner and White Ops partner, Klia, though not without hesitation as they are leaving their one-year old son Kit behind. The truth about Ceres is then discovered, and it becomes clear that Red Nova still exists as a shadowy organization. The two are captured, and Loenn, a Darkness vessel, is killed. His powers are transferred to his kidnapped son, a frozen Kesha in the exact same room. Wick Zipher, a student that had been put to work on the world against his will like several dozen others, decides to take revenge and act. He rescues Klia and her son, leaving a man later known as Stevins, overseer of the operation, for dead. Eric Parson, one of the kidnapped orphan children being experimented on, also escapes. Red Nova had been trying to create artificial Darkness vessels. Upon returning to Earth, Wick leaves Kit in his younger stepsister Sami’s care, and then disappears.

2302 Illianna Wrin Elected

While Sami raises Kit in a Tokyo orphanage, Illianna Wrin, the youngest Grand Chancellor, is elected. She has been criticized for her unwavering belief that Red Nova still exists, but orders further Blue Group funding and White Op involvement. She works closely with Emperor Nemil, knowing that NovaQ could soon pose a grave threat. Work begins on the jumpgate, a massive wormhole generator in Earth orbit, under a joint GUA-NovaQ project that is meant to connect Earth to the new Earth-like world of Centreon, where the first colonists have landed and are constructing their own jumpgate and first city. Wick Zipher begins working on the old space station the Endearing Star, run by an opportunist named Bret Crimsol, who begins to show interest in Red Nova.

2312 NovaQ Returns Vince Naomos to the Universe

The year that Valice II takes place. Wick Zipher is once again lured to working with NovaQ, this time with brilliant physicist Peter Varks. Their advancements in understanding the forces leads to the act of returning Vince to the universe, whose powers are immediately removed and place into Kesha, still frozen after so many years. Rescued by Andrea, his sister’s great granddaughter, Vince later joins Kit, Sami, Eric Parson, Stalvo Fillepse, Saki and Yuki Misaki, and Batty Apt’s Blue Group. Working closely with Wick, they travel to Atiquin, experience a NovaQ invasion of the city, and then return to Valice. Vince learns of the history of the past 100 years and becomes close with only remaining family and Kit. They later rescue, and finally awaken Kesha from a Martian NovaQ compound, where they get their first look at the army Red Nova is developing. Now with a Light and Dark vessel at his side, with some input from Valice’s royal family, Vince realizes that he was never a Light vessel, but something else entirely.

Together, the group goes to Centreon to stop the coming Red Nova invasion of Earth. Wick, who earlier was forced to assassinate Perseus, helps them briefly but ultimately sacrifices and redeems himself by taking down the NovaQ warship Trilanger, allowing the GUA to begin an invasion of the world. Though they grieve, Andrea’s Blue Group push forward amid the chaos of battle. The story of multiple generations and a century-long story culminate to one final battle in the depths of Ecilav, Valice’s artificial and twisted twin, where a creation device rests. Bret Crimsol, the last obstacle in their way, is overtaken by a Darkness guardian just awakening in this universe, but with the help of Kit and Kesha, is destroyed by Vince. After having earlier met with a mysterious alien being named Reywynia after using the creation device to regain his powers, Vince begins to realize his purpose – and accepts that it cannot yet be fulfilled in this time period. With a heavy heart, he stops the flow of universal energy by closing the portal that had been kept open through the use of a mysterious golden pedestal. With both Light and Dark flowing through him, he turns to solid matter and is buried in the rubble of Ecilav. His new friends say their farewells.

2313 Time Moves Inevitably Forward

After everything comes to light, NovaQ is destroyed as a company within a year, its many child companies splintering away, some also disappearing. Red Nova vanishes for good, and all remaining information on the forces is sealed away. Valice loses its status as an independent country to become a free city-state with gubernatorial elections and a GUA senator position. The dissolution of NovaQ expectedly brings about an economic depression, but under strong reformation, the world recovers in about ten years, and under much less pain than what the Civil War had inflicted. With no further use of the Blue Groups, Andrea’s friends eventually separate to live their own lives. Kit and Kesha marry, as do Andrea and Eric, each having several children. Centreon, now safe from NovaQ, flourishes, and trade between Earth and Centreon becomes essential to both worlds.

For the centuries that follow, there are few conflicts. Earth and Centreon know happiness. The GUA spreads and colonizes more worlds. And yet, Bret Crimsol’s personal battleship’s location remains unknown, its databanks full of information on the forces. And it isn’t the only thing that bodes ill in the depths of space.