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Announcement – DreamNet


Today I’m thrilled to at long last announce my next book, a stand alone sprawling tale of memories, dreams, and time colliding. Over the past few years, I’ve been mostly focused on editing and polishing my stories in the Valice trilogy, and plan to hopefully get those out soon (and release the third book in the trilogy for the first time).

But in the meantime, I was also working on something more personal. I wanted to write a story that takes place in the future, but that is also anchored in our present, about an old successful businessman yearning for the days of the late 20th century as he lives out the rest of his years in New York City – a famed place that is on the precipice of being lost to the sea, its levels having risen dramatically over the past fifty years.

His product – DreamNet – revolutionized the world just as the melting ice caps did in a different way. Allowing users to share dreams and explore a vast virtual landscape together, worldwide – while asleep – has expanded imaginations and brought those last, untapped 8 hours of silence into the realm of social connectivity. Meanwhile, drones and other forms of automation work tirelessly outside, as people focus on saving their cities from the ocean.

The world in this book is neither cyber-punk or dystopian, though it takes some elements and inspirations from each. Its characters have very familiar emotions to ours, in a world sixty years out from our own, and I think it comes close, in the way both the inner and outer universes are explored, to making the past and future, dreams and memories, into tangible, touchable things.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing off the awesome artwork M did for the book and introducing the characters. I really do believe that I’ve written something special with this one.


Regents Walk Announcement


Hello everyone, I finally have a big announcement. The next comic project I’m involved with is a big one, about growing up in the 90’s, to sum it up. It will be hosted on a new site. isn’t going anywhere though, and I plan to simplify it in the near future by focusing on links to all of my projects. The new comic launches November 2nd, 2015. In the meantime, here are a few social sites:


Official Website

Regents Walk Tumblr

Regents Walk Twitter


Valice Chronicles #1 – Download it now!

A free PDF is now available of the comic. All of the pages have been looked over, errors have been corrected, and overall the pages are more refined than their web versions. The download size is about 66 MB and it comes in a ZIP file. The link is above for now and will be in the top menu from now on.

We are working on a new super project that will start later this year, which will have its own website. I do hope to make more Valice Chronicles in the future however, so I’m only putting the project on indefinite hold at the moment. I still have Valice stories I want told in graphic novel form!

For the latest updates on the new project (an official announcement will happen in a few days), visit


VC – Not Quite Done

Don’t forget that there are still two article pages left. The final two pages will wrap up the story.

We’re also currently working on the book version.


Updates on Thursday only for a month

Check back this Thursday. We need some time to work up a buffer again.


No Updates This Week



Datapedia Updated

Check the bottom of each of the three categories to read about New York City, Sokyryany, the song from the radio, and machine pistols and electo-staff weapons.


We will return next year

Have a good Empire approved non-seditious holiday and New Years, we’ll return next Thursday.


No VCs this week either

But with Winter break coming up shortly, we should be back to regular updates soon, at least for a while.


No comic today

Check back Thursday, but no proimises.