dnlogoDreamNet is a story that takes place in 2081, where the icecaps have melted and the sea has risen, drowning coastal cities and rewriting global geopolitics. Standing out from many technological advances is the culture of Dream Sharing, where users can share their nighttime experiences worldwide. Its creator, Charles Lenderson, alone in his penthouse that overlooks an abandoned New York City, enlists FBI Virtual Field Agent, Song Atoroshi, to help oversee his last software update… Regardless if the company he created approves of it or not. Along with her partner Marcus, she must uncover the truth about the system her father helped develop, and what it may mean for its future. Strained by instability, DreamNet may already be on its way out…

This is a story of the past, present, and future, where history grabs at personal motivations, lessons are waiting to be learned, and the future that longs to be are about to collide. To explore the world of 2081, click on the images below to see articles about the events leading up to the year, and where things might be going, in a world very similar to our own.

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The Agents

The Past dnpresent dnfuture